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...specializing in the finest German Pewter Art...
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About Us

About Us

Wilhelm Schweizer Pewter from Jordanwood is more than just another internet site.  While  “…specializing in the finest German Pewter Art…” and coupled with a focus on “…distinctive styles for life and home…” we are proud to be your major source for original Wilhelm Schweizer Pewter.  We are located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida; but, we service customers through out the U.S. and Internationally.


We take great pride in our customer service and enjoy the ongoing relationships we have established with our many customers.


Would you expect anything different from a family-owned business where the focus is on the quality, value and the lasting beauty of Wilhelm Schweizer Pewter?  Couple that with old fashioned customer service and you as one of our online customers can expect outstanding service.


With over 700 available products, our Wilhelm Schweizer Pewter product mix is extensive, ranging from standing pieces to ornaments to wall hangings.


Every product we ship comes with an Original Wilhelm Schweizer tag and a brief write-up on the Wilhelm Schweizer Bavarian Pewter Art Tradition and is either gift boxed or if an ornament comes in a gift pouch.


To serve you better we provide free shipping, most frequently via U.S. Priority Mail.


If we can be of service to you, please contact us or telephone or text us at 530.559.6680, or email us at jordanwood@wilhelmschweizer.com

Or write us at:

5600 N Flagler Dr., Suite 2607
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 USA


We look forward to hearing from you.