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The Collections

The Collections

In The Collections, Wilhelm Schweizer offers a broad variety of beautifully hand-cast, hand-painted collectible pewter pieces imported from Germany. Pieces celebrate Sports, Professions, Seasons of the Year, Folklore and Halloween.  We are sure you will appreciate the beautiful work of Wilhelm Schweizer.


Krippe halplastisch 14 Teile


The Folklore Category has stunning pieces displaying a Hops Harvest to the Bavarian King Ludwig in His Sleigh.   There are Maypoles, Dance Groups, Old Fashioned Trains and Steamers, a Dowry Parade and other Folklore scenes depicted in the beautiful pewter by Wilhelm Schweizer.




Halloween fans will want to see the variety of standing pewter pieces and the Halloween Ornaments.  Set up a scene with the various pieces from the Halloween Collection.  For example, use Hansel and Gretel as A Trick or Treating Boy and Girl, along with the Witch, Haunted House and a Tree for the background.  Or, use your own imagination to create your own Halloween Scene.


Herz mit Schmetterlingen


Wall Hangings in the Collection of Hearts depict cats, kittens, flowers, birds or dogs.



TH10 One Thousand and One Nights


The House Collection of wall hangings of exquisitely designed collectibles depict a variety of “House” like scenes.   You will find a Christmas Workshop, a Christmas Market,  Oktoberfest Wall Hanging: and especially for a child’s room, the Fairy Tale Forest or the Children’s House Wall Hanging.



Struwelpeterfiguren (6 Fig.)


Miscellaneous Ornaments have a variety of ornaments that don’t fit neatly into the Christmas or Spring/Easter categories. A Giraffe, a Teddy Bear, a Puss in Boots, a Noah’s Ark, to mention just a few.




You will find a wall hanging that fits any time of the year in The Seasons Collection. From Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall or from Valentines to Christmas there are 22 different motifs.  For that child’s room there are five wall hangings reflecting the seasons.  Many of the Seasons wall hangings are available in a filigree frame.






The last two categories within the The Collections are Sports and Professions Wall Hangings. If your Profession is a Nurse, Dentist, Hairdresser, or an Electrician there is a Wall Hanging for you.  In fact there are 36 professions in this Collection.  There are nine Sports activities, from Horse Back Riding to Skiing.  The Sports and Professions Collection items are also available in filigree frames.



Note:  Most pieces of pewter on our Wilhelm Schweizer Pewter from Jordanwood website are available unpainted.  Contact us for more information about availability and pricing.